Goodbye Old Friend

We mourn your loss today, you in the background. As this picture, such as you were in life. Taking the quiet backseat to someone else’s antics. Quiet is a word that describes you well. Soft spoken and tender-hearted, you always had a funny joke to share; your face breaking out into a wide grin at the punchline. Here are the things I will miss – your lanky frame sauntering over the Trailing Yew lawn, looking for something to mend, someone to fix, somehow making things right. A cup of coffee in hand, standing in the kitchen, waiting for the eggs bound for hot sauce. Sitting on the milk crate behind the cook house, telling a dirty joke with a raspy laugh. The flak jacket stained from years of smoke curling from your ever-present cigarette. Your dedication first, to an island, then to a woman, then, lastly, to an institution. You lived and died in the place you adored.

They say you are in a better place. If that is truly true you must be among the saints. Please kiss Miss Josephine hello. Hug Miss Mary. And lastly, tell my father I miss him so.

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