They Say

They say rain brings good luck. They say rain is good fortune. It is raining even now. Am I lucky? Will I have good fortune sometime soon? Tell me yes for it has been coming down all day.
On this day some days ago we squeezed together under the tent asking each other What Happened to 80 Degrees and Sunny? We shook our heads in disbelief as we shook off fat drops of rain. Beautiful one minute, down pouring and dark the next. Luckily, the rain could not ruin the surprise, nor the fun.
As I stood under the tent’s protection I watched life and love around me. Swirling and growing. My nephew, startled by the thunder’s rumble and lightning’s flash, ran screaming across the lawn. Mom chased him down and cradled him until he was comforted, laughing at how soaked to the bone they both were. My grandfather surveyed his kids with a proud look in his eye, letting bygones be bygones. My uncle shared stories of a life gone another way making me make movies in my head – memories that can’t be accurate because I wasn’t there. Later, mother tried to make a speech about family and “this is what it’s all about” while attempting to look each and every one of us in the eye. There were too many of us, raising a glass in her honor, saluting her back.
Some say it was my father who brought on the rain, bringing us together under the tent. Others say it was Bessie, in cahoots with the powers that be. Either way I don’t care.
Bring on the rain. It’s good luck. Or so they say. Bring on the rain because I need some today.

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