Work in Progess or Monhegan Island Run

Well, here is the link to our Rays of Hope Run page. I’m still working on it, but this is it thus far.

Here is the training news: Kisa is now running/walking for 45 minutes at a time, covering 3.25 miles. We ran on Monhegan for the first time on August 31st. For those of you who know the island, this is how it went:

We started at the Wyeth house (literally the end of the road). Of course, to start it was all up hill (the craziest part of the hill being, ironically, right by my house). From the Trailing Yew to Swim Beach it was all either downhill or flat. Kisa kept a good pace even though the sun was higher in the sky than we planned (late start). We started the 1784 hill with a decent pace, but by the school house hill Kisa started to slow. I worried that he would want to quit because even though the road appears to level out around the Ice Pond I knew it didn’t. The incline is slow, deceitful. It lies to you about how flat it really isn’t. My favorite part of the run is Dead Man’s Cove. There is something about the shadowy tree cover and winding dirt road that calms me. By the time we got to the trail to Pebble Beach Kisa was tired and begged for a stop. Again, we were at the end of the road. To catch his runaway breath we walked back to Ice Pond road where K surpised me with the announcement, “okay. I’m ready” and off we went again. This time the run back was populated with people. Tourists and trucks. The wedding, of course! I tried not to make eye contact with too many people as I weaved in between groups of gawkers. By the time Kisa and I got to the church I knew he wanted to quit. He said as much. “To the rose bush” I ordered and before I could answer his question of, “which one?” we had already passed several. Finally, at the fire station I announced the end. 1.76 miles total (1.46 of it running) “all uphill” as Kisa would say. Last night I told him, “the next time we are on Monhegan you will run the whole thing without stopping.” He just rolled his eyes. I’m proud of him even if his modesty is a lack of confidence in disguise.

Anyway, check out the link. Like I said it’s a work in progress. I’ll upload real pictures as soon as I can resize them (ROH is picky about jpg size).

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4 thoughts on “Work in Progess or Monhegan Island Run

  1. sarah

    love the team name!!

  2. Thanks. It’s a name with double duty – we ARE two boobs and I want to keep my two boobs…

  3. Ruby Tues

    Awesome. I just went online and did my part to supprt Team Two Boobs. Does that make me similar to an underwire bra?!

  4. Absolutely! Thanks for the SUPPORT. You rock!!

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