World of Trouble Me

The other day someone sent me a video message. You know, one of those YouTubers with me in mind with the note, ‘hey check this out!’…The video? It was of a giant centipede thing devouring a mouse. Kid you not. As anyone can tell you I am deathly afraid of anything with more than little eight legs. So this thing, ginormous as it was, with many, many more than eight legs left me traumatized as it systematically attacked and ate (seriously) a rodent. I couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen, repulsed as I was, and still am. I have nightmares about it being under my bed. Nice friend. I’m now trying to think of the perfect video to respond with – what’s equally disturbing? I’m really not sure.

In the meantime, there are is someone out there I can send a video message to and I know just the one. This is for you, kid.

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