Wild Tax Free Weekend

My bank account and I are exhausted. Dead tired. We need a good nap. For some reason “tax free” is synonymous with “shop more” and that’s exactly what we did. For two days straight. Shop ’til you drop. That’s not to say our purchases weren’t smart. We didn’t do anything stupid like buy more shoes that hurt our feet or buy more makeup we’ll never wear (both very much unneeded from where I’m standing). We didn’t go crazy on blaring televisions or booming stereos either. No thanks. No. Thanks to tax free weekend Hilltop is the one getting the sexy makeover.

First, winterizing the pool. Didn’t need to do that last year. After draining the water into our neighborhood yards we let the liner flap in the wind until it was torn to shreds and blew away. Talk about the easiest way to close a pool: pop the liner and let ‘er rip! Just kidding. That’s not how it happened. Well, it did but it’s not like we did it on purpose. So anyway, we bought every closing supply known to mankind for this year: pool chemicals, pool pumps, pool covers, pool clamps, pool you name its, we bought it.

Then came tree service. We are having more trees cleared from the backyard. The pool (right now) looks like it’s getting attacked by the neighbor’s big, overhanging branches. We’ll have those trimmed back and then some. We’ll also have last falls harvest cut up into wood stove length…But, we don’t have a wood stove. Well, we didn’t until tax free weekend.

Next, we bought a wood burning insert for the fireplace. It’s black and ominous looking. Should go well with the demure masonry and lily white mantle….It will be nice to have the smell of a fireplace in the winter. Something to cozy up to with a good book. Since we bought a wood burning insert we had to decide to fix the back slider. Couldn’t do one without the other. Don’t want to heat the whole outdoors, as my dad would say. That meant buying a whole new back door.

Fourth. We bought a whole new back sliding door for the entrance to the deck. It’s white and wood with bolting locks (no more wood bar). We pick it up on Saturday. UP installs it… when??? – sometime before the snow flies. I hope.

Finally, we bought paint. Inspired by the back door we bought paint for the front door. In the color of Fire weed. Go figure. I don’t get the red house but I get a bright red door. In the color of Fire. Weed. Red. Whatever.

So, Hilltop will get her makeover. I’m excited for her. New landscaping. New fireplace. New doors. Can’t wait. On the agenda for next tax break? A new patio! Or new windows. Or a new kitchen. Or a new laundry room…

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