Police Stung

Another repost from August 2007…

The PoliceIf I had been able to get home before 2am and if I hadn’t had to get on a bus that same day I would have written about the Police concert I saw last Tuesday night – yes, a school night!
Growing up, the Police were never in my top 20 of bands to adore and drool over. Okay, so I don’t really remember drooling over anyone except John Taylor from Duran Duran and some of the Police’s songs might have made it into my top 20, but never the band as a whole. In high school I couldn’t think about the Police without thinking of an on-again, off-again boytoy. Maybe I have that backwards and I was his toy…but, whatever. In college the Police had long since broken up and their songs were played as Remember When? nostalgia pieces.
So, having said all that – when the opportunity to see the Police surfaced I politely declined and got my husband to go. I didn’t think I would be missing out on all that much, despite the fact it was at Fenway. Yet, I agreed to go to Tuesday night’s show and I am incredibly glad that I did.
Here’s the setlist:

  • Message in a Bottle – all I could think about was John Mayer saying “I learned this from Guitar Hero II!”
  • Synchronicity II – the cover of the album was made into lights
  • Walking on the Moon
  • Voices Inside My Head,
  • When the World is Running Down- love this song but the live version was really chaotic!
  • Don’t Stand so Close to Me – NOT autobiographical!
  • Driven to Tears,
  • Truth Hits Everybody,
  • Bed’s Too Big Without You,
  • Every Little Thing, – totally thought about JNC and cursed his name
  • Wrapped Around Your Finger, – Kisa kept telling me to watch out for this song and he was right!
  • De Do Do Do, – I can’t stand this song, but I sang along anyway.
  • Invisible Sun,
  • Walking in Your Footsteps, – loved the dinosaur images on the screen
  • Can’t Stand Losing You -> Regatta de Blanc – Can’t Stand Losing You, – one of my favorite songs mixed with one I didn’t know so well.
  • Roxanne, – the screens were done up in red lights, really cool.
  • King of Pain, -This is my all time favorite Police song
  • So Lonely, – I can’t get this song out of my head!
  • Every Breath You Take, – I wanted to hear about the cake you bake but it never came up.


  • Next to You

My favorite part of the night was, as you can guess, Stewart’s drumming. Copland is a master at the kit and I love him for it. During Wrapped Around Your Finger he got up and played different percussion instruments and actually looked like he was having a blast. I was impressed the camera caught his face as often as it did (and I thought Sting would be the only star of the big screen). A & I bought t-shirts. I wore mine for three days straight then used it as a travel shirt. Getting home was probably the only bad point of the night. I was extremely low on gas so I didn’t want to wait in 2 hours of traffic. Oddly enough, A & I sat in the car and listened to BubbleGum while waiting for the masses to head home. We saw some hysterical stuff – a woman fighting with cops because she wanted to drive over a barrier, a wayward driver slaloming the garbage barrel because he lost sight of the line to get out, a princess in a fairy dress.

So, I take it all back. I love the Police.

ps~ I wish I could have carried over the comments from the original blog. I had forgotten about the phone man under my desk!

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