Not Here but Home Anyway

a repost…just to get it off LunaSea.

I haven’t been home. Not this homehome or that one. Over the next couple of days I will have to blog about my latest adventure back to Maine. S ~ I have a blog for you about children. Two, actually. RT~ I have one about meditation, believe it or not. I’ll have a running blog for another page, and I’ll have a few words about family, too. Don’t I always have a few words about family??
I went back to Maine for the weekend to finally, finally throw mom that “You’re Not Even 59 But Happy 60th Anyway” party – otherwise known as the Summer of Love party – otherwise known as the family reunion we needed to have (Death’s door #?). After months and months of planning we pulled it off. Pam, your napkins were a huge hit. Huge. They fit our 60’s color scheme perfectly! And to think I didn’t even know we would have a color scheme! I took over 100 pictures and yes, they’ll be on Flickr. Try not to comment on the matching dresses. We thought it would be cute but it ended up being cutesy and oh so queer. You can comment on the cute kids, the cute cake, the cute crowns, the v e r y cute kisa, but not the queer dresses. They weren’t so cute.
So, I didn’t make it homehome, but I made it to family. For four days I submerged in family. That’s home anyway.

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