Found You Without FaceBook

Every since social networking sites like MySpace and FaceBook roared onto the scene reconnecting with old, old friends has become blase. Old roommates and dead romances can be dug up in a matter of clicks. In mere moments distances are diminished and great divides demolished. It used to be running into your old lover in the grocery store was nothing short of a miracle, something to write a song about. But. Not anymore. That six degrees of connecting isn’t really all that “small world” coincidental anymore.

Maybe that’s why I have become super excited, mouth agape, about finding an old mentor without the help of MyAnything. As a librarian I belong to a ton of different listservs. Half of them I don’t even read. But, in the interest of self-preservation I scan the job posting list with sick enthusiasm. (What can I say? Opportunity interests me.) There on the second page was a name I haven’t thought of in 18 years but have somehow, never forgotten just the same. She was my circulation supervisor when I was a student worker in college. What are the chances? I don’t remember if she had her library degree back then. She didn’t need one to be a supervisor. She could have easily gone on to be a mountain climbing instructor or a egg noodle enthusiast. Finding her made sense, but I wasn’t looking.

Yet, I have always wanted to thank her for her part in pushing me towards academic librarianship. I don’t remember what she did or said to influence me, but I owe her the debt of gratitude just the same. Somehow, in some way I hold her (among others) responsible for the direction I have taken. So, without the help of MySpace or FaceBook I reached through the years and wrote her an email. She won’t remember me, nor will she write back. Neither “won’t” bothers me. I have always wanted to say thank you and I did.

ps~ I wrote the thank you and even though she didn’t remember me she DID write a gracious note back. Very cool.

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