Moving In

This is my very first WordPress blog – stolen from LunaSea. Okay. I confess. I’m moving old LS blogs to OneStep because I think that side needs to be about books – books and nothing but books. This is what I said about leaving the blogging world of MySpace, back when I was afraid to name names…

I am going to stub my toes on the unfamiliar corners of my new space, but I’ll make my way. I’m here because I got sick of life at that Other Space. I’ll still be there but, if you are here, welcome.

I just realized something – this isn’t a true blog unless I bitch about something and lo and behold, I have something to bitch about. My aching back. I woke up this morning with the worst ache in my shoulder blade, right where I would have a wing…if I were an angel. HA. It’s like an old war wound that “flares” from time to time, a reoccurring pain in the butt back. I went to a crowded conference this morning – took me two hours to drive there – that didn’t help. Sitting in that huge conference room, twisted in an uncomfortable desk/chair, that didn’t help either.
But, back to here. Why I am here. Someone called my name. Someone made me turn my head. Someone did me in. I ended up leaving That Space early. I couldn’t hack the chairs stares.

Here’s the thing. I like my privacy and any time I feel that privacy is being compromised I flee. I have managed to untangle myself from the prying, the intrusive and I want to keep it that way.

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