CampfireI went through nearly a week wondering about my employment. Considered myself canned, I did. Really. Someone close to me said he didn’t want to hear about it. Someone else casually asked, “oh yeah, what was that thing about your work?” a few days later,  long after the conversation had ended died. To them, him and her, my trouble wasn’t troublesome. While my feelings thought they had been hurt really, they weren’t. In the end it wasn’t a big deal. It was more of a big sign.

I need to fire some people from my privacy. I’m reading a book about aging. Well, it’s spicier than that. It’s about a woman coming to terms with the fact that being over 40 she’s no longer young and attractive. She’s a Formerly as in “Formerly Hot.” But, I digress (book review coming soon). The reason why I bring up this book is here: the author talks about cutting losses. Knowing when to walk away, whether it be from family or friend. Just because someone has been in your memory bank for 30+ years doesn’t mean you have to pretend to know them. Just because you were born into a clan of people who share last names and genetic makeup doesn’t mean you have to share anything else. It’s that simple.

Never was that point clearer to me as when I went through my rant with a friend I have known for over 25 years – not as long as the he and she mentioned earlier. Her first response wasn’t, “tell me later” it was, “tell me now!” Followed by WTF?! and then, Here’s What You Need To Do… I knew I was being ridiculous about my fears. I knew I was overreacting but that’s what me, myself and moi needed to do at that moment. I needed the insanely stupid and my friend let me go there. Let me be ridiculous. Let me be me. Around my camp she can’t be fired.

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