Civilized Sleeping

TentI can announce I survived the tent. And. I can honestly say I liked it. There was something about being under the stars, feeling the crunch of pine cones, smelling the dirt, listening to the bugs, watching the campfire…something about it was special and somehow it all became magical. Don’t ask me how because I haven’t the faintest idea. I’ve spent a few nights out of doors before so I have no idea why this was any different.

Here is my laundry list of “for next time” because yes, there will be a next time:

  • Bring the grill – I liked Bar Harbor food but prefer my own,
  • Find a place where swimming in the lake is allowed,
  • Stay long enough to take an afternoon tent nap,
  • Stay long enough to see a moose,
  • Make friends with the neighbors instead of having them stare at us all the time,
  • Research a fry basket narrow enough to hold together pre-made s’mores (more on this later),
  • Purchase a lantern because the lamp on my husband’s forehead was just too damn funny.

As long as Monhegan doesn’t get the shaft I am thrilled to go camping again. Maybe Moosehead next time?first view

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