Three years ago

I wrote this three years ago. Funny how time doesn’t change things. And yet, yet it does.

I got the results back today. All of them. Healthy is as healthy does. Healthy. That was my doctor’s final word. No Alpha 1 antitypsin deficiency (yay). Try bronchial infection instead. No need for colposcopy. Try tipped uterus instead. I also met my goals with triglycerides, HDL, LDL, potassium, kidneys, and blood glucose. Sweet relief. For a second.

Just because the doctor proclaimed me good to go doesn’t mean anything. I still want to eat cleaner (I’m really on a Tosca Reno Eat Clean kick); I still want to exercise more and there is that pesky dehydration thing I need to work on. How I can go a full day without drinking a single glass of anything healthy is beyond me, yet I do it all the time!

So there is it. The green light to stop worrying. The green light to take back excuses.

July 29th. We begin again. Testing, trying. Wish me luck.

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