Rocks and Roots


The trees have my number. They know the score. The surf is calling my name. I can hear it whispered in the spray. Relentless beckoning. I am days away from refilling this empty heart. Recharging the dead battery in my soul. Tacky cliches? You betcha. I need my island like my heart needs to pump and the blood’s gotta flow. Send me home with a note that reads “please take care of this tigre” because I want need to go home. Now.
I want to run up to the woods, that big Cathedral at the other end, say my prayers in the pines. I want to stop for raspberries and clover, sunlight on my shoulders, thorns in my side. I need to run to the water’s edge and laugh in the face of the persistent waves. You can’t catch me…still. Keep trying.
I’ve got ten days to make this happen; make this run a reality. I need to run just once while I’m home. Just once! Who cares if I run slower because of gnarled roots and passing day trippers? Who cares if I can’t make it up TY hill because my stomach wants to stop for donuts? I’ll keep running because I can. I’ll run because I’m home.

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