Sick of Me

I wrote this a bunch of years ago. Not going to say how long it has been. Funny how life comes full circle.

Point blank, I am sick of being me. I’ve spent the last 30 plus years being embarrassed by myself…as odd as that may seem. I’m not out to reinvent myself, or deny who I really am, but I do want to change the things that really, really bug me. Is that a bad thing? I am tired of being a wallflower. I’m tired of being out of shape, on the brink of being blobby. I am tired of being a blink in the eye of the beholder. Does that make sense? Here, on the other side of sleep I want to kick some ass. Take no prisoners. Take back my life.

Today, I made a decision to make this blog less about what happens in my sleep and more about my journey back to waking up. Here, for the record is my list of goals:
<li>Yoga! I keep saying I want to practice daily. I need to make that happen!</li>
<li>Weight training – I want to be strong, body &amp; mind.</li>
<li>Eating right – stop the affair with the vending machine…</li>
<li>13.1 – need I say more?</li>
I start tomorrow…

I wrote this on an otherwise uneventful July 1st. It’s a sign. Here I go again…

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