Revisiting June

I took a trip down June’s  2009 memory lane and read all the blog posts for the month. Funny. It was all about getting back to the run after Just ‘Cause. I’m feeling like a broken record. Bitching about the ankle. Boohooing about sharing the treadmill. Bellyaching about not running fast enough or hard enough or whatever enough. Blubberbitch. Some things never change.

Tonight’s gerbil run was all about screaming. I found the angriest songs I could and sang screeched at the top of my lungs. I needed to work out the frustration and fury and running is the only way I know how. Running to mad songs. Like, ‘Uncomfortable’ by sirsy. For years this song made me want to puke. Not because it was a bad song, but because that it was, and still is, that good. In the beginning it exposed too many ugly skeletons and cut too close to the bone. Hearing it live, I would have to walk away from the words, stand in the back of the room and bawl my eyes out. Only when it was all said and done and the last note had faded away could I return to normal, return to the here and now. Now, it’s still high on my angry list but these days I can keep stomach contents in one place. I don’t walk away. I just run harder.

Other angry run songs include:

  1. Before He Cheats ~ Carrie Underwood (FF)
  2. Rooster ~ Alice in Chains (FF)
  3. Wake Up Call ~ Maroon 5
  4. The Pretender ~ Foo Fighters
  5. Free Will ~ Rush
  6. St Anger ~ Metallica
  7. Scorpio Rising ~ 10,000 Maniacs
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2 thoughts on “Revisiting June

  1. Ruby Tues

    Sometimes you’ve just got to get it all out and leave it behind when you leave the room. I call it purging, of a sort. And for me, I always feel better after a good purge 🙂

    • Absolutely! Aside from the emotional release I find it’s a great workout for the lungs. Instead of walking and talking it’s running and screaming!

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