Bliss is Back!

Bliss* is back!
With all of the walkingwalkingwalking I have been doing the run has taken a back seat. No, it hasn’t even been in the car. It’s been tied to roof rack as an afterthought. Or dangling from the bumper like some cheap JustMarried beer can on the morning after. I want to confess my last run but alas, I don’t even remember when that was. Talk about a dimestore date! I’m feeling pretty cheap about not being able to remember the run.

The good news is I changed that today – this morning. 9am. 2.8 miles in 30m.I’m back to being slower than dumb, but. But! But, at least I’m back. Taped feet and all. Despite the beautiful sun I didn’t go outside. No, it’s not the residual dog fear. It was more Crazy Man walking fear. I live on a hill so I have a decent view of the entire street from beginning to end. When I saw a man take 5 minutes to park his car I was intrigued. I couldn’t take my eyes off his indecision. Ten feet away from a mailbox seemed too close so he inched a few more yards up the street. Now he’s too close to a rose bush so he moves back a foot or two. Suddenly, he didn’t like the way his car was facing so he swung around and parked  on the other side. Now he’s too close to someone’s fence so he backs it up a few inches. Inches! If that wasn’t odd enough – when he finally got his vehicle positioned where he wanted it he got out and walked away. There is nothing commercial on my street. Nothing that requires this much care in parking a car. Trust me. The longer I watched the further he walked. He wasn’t visiting anyone. He didn’t stop to check an address. He kept walking. The last time I saw someone do this it was an exboyfriend going to spy on The One Who Got Away. Call me paranoid but I didn’t like the looks of this Crazy Man..or his parking job. So, I revisited the gerbil.

I knew I would be out of running shape. After months of mere walking more than anything else I knew I wasn’t going to be happy about amping it up. I thought I should wuss out and try a 12 minute pace. What was I thinking? After a minute I was upping the speed to an 11 minute pace…and there I stayed for the duration of the run. Only 30 minutes but I needed this short, sweet, tiny run to bring me back to life.

*Bliss – my favorite exfoliating body scrub in Super Minty.

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3 thoughts on “Bliss is Back!

  1. sarah

    bliss 🙂

  2. becelisa

    perfect day to start back. it’s national running day 🙂 welcome back. xoxo

  3. 🙂

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