What Happened in Here?

“What happened in here?” was all I could think when I opened the front door. What went on here? I wasn’t even all the way in the house and I could tell it was utter chaos. For starters there were tiny cat toys everywhere. An explosion of little fur mice and plastic jingle balls everywhere I looked. Catnip exploded from the busted seams of pillows like gutted fish. I had to think every cat toy was pulled out of storage and strewn from one end of the house to the other. “Look what we found!” three of the five cats seemed to say as they stared up at me with unblinking, watching eyes, just waiting for my reaction. The kitchen was a mess. The tablecloth had been pulled from the table in a heap. Furballs the size of hamburger buns drifted across the floor.
The bedroom wasn’t better. The comforter looked like it had been danced on by elephants. Pieces of bunny bedding peeked from under the human bed. How di that happen? I wanted to ask. Her cage is two rooms away! A closet door stood open. Was someone in there?  A slimy wet hairball sat ceremoniously in the middle of the floor like a punk present. Indeed, one cat in particular seemed extremely happy I had made its discovery, purring around my legs like a proud peacock. “Look what I made!”I imagined he said.
In a strange way the mess was a gift. After cleaning, straightening, scrubbing, and restoring order I sat in the quiet to rest. As I watched the neighborhood come and go, listened to the ticking of the clock and enjoyed the quiet who should peer around the corner at me but Vegas. Elusive as the Loch Ness, here was my favorite kitty – finally coming to say hello. With quiet hesitation she stepped into the room. I couldn’t breathe. Only when she flopped on her side and started cleaning a paw did I relax. She ignored me. I ignored her….until Kisa came barreling through the door yelling, “are you ready to go?!” All five cats went scrambling for cover and I went home glad for the mess.

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