Unlucky Week 13

This was supposed to be the final push to walk the walk and talk the talk for Just ‘Cause (That’s code for miles and money, in case you were wondering). I did neither. I did neither very well. Here’s what it was for the walking part:

  • Monday – 4.3 miles
  • Tuesday – nada
  • Wednesday – 5 miles
  • Thursday – nada
  • Friday – nada
  • Saturday – 10.8 miles
  • Sunday – 8.3 miles

28.4 miles if you are counting. I’m not.

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2 thoughts on “Unlucky Week 13

  1. Ruby Tues

    Now now now … do not forget that it is all about the bigger picture. Any dollar raised, every person you’ve spoken to about this walk and every mile you’ve walked makes a lasting postive difference for the Just ‘Cause. So be proud of how much you’ve accomplished. You’ve done a lot to raise money, raise awareness and walk many miles in the process … and I think you are absolutely amazing for doing this walk πŸ™‚

  2. sarah

    ditto to what ruth said πŸ™‚

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