Cross Training Week 12

There are certain sayings that stick in my brain. They become my go-to responses when I’m at a loss for something better to say. “Hard tellin’ not knowin'” is one of them and “it is what it is” is another. It’s this second phrase that has been my mantra for this last week. Training in the form of walking has been the furthest thing from my mind this past week and in some ways I think that is a good thing.

Monday was a bunch of meetings back to back to back. I ended up barely bringing home myself much less my sanity. I did nothing but listen to Leave Your Sleep over and over again.

Tuesday night was the Just ‘Cause walker meeting. I ended up barely bringing home myself much less my heart.

Wednesday  – I came home Wednesday to find Kisa commandeering the treadmill and he was…running. Not to be outdone by the newbie runner I jumped on the tread after him and ran 2.76 miles.

Thursday was another day of meetings, meetings, meetings. I was cranky and cracked up by the time I got home. Kisa made me walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I went nowhere.

Friday. I don’t remember Friday.

Saturday – seven miles at 10:30pm.

Sunday – 7.6 miles somewhere.

See? There was nothing to this week. And yet. And yet I needed to step away from it. Instead I concentrated on cooking, cleaning out closets, caring for my mile-weary feet. I stretched muscles that needed to be pulled back to life. I teased ankles, knees and hips into talking to me. I took a pulse on how the fund-raising is (and isn’t) going. I took time for me, myself and moi. So much so that I didn’t draw out a plan for the upcoming week. Sue me.

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