Week 11 is Seriously

This was a really good week. I think Tuesday’s near fiasco really helped put things into perspective for me. The Just ‘Cause walk is less than six weeks away and now is the time to get serious about the walking, fund raising and getting healthy. I think the run on Tuesday really helped jump start a lagging, tired mentality, too.

  • Monday ~ a short walk with Kisa (1.5mi) and then a harder, faster walk on the tread (2.38mi) = 3.98mi
  • Tuesday ~ a short, 30 minute run on the tread (2.89mi). Almost needed the fire department for that one!
  • Wednesday ~ Nada. I had a much needed night with a friend in Boston – yay!
  • Thursday ~a longer walk with Kisa (3.5mi) around the neighborhood. I finally got to show him “my” tire collection.
  • Friday ~ zilch. Strange how I don’t remember much of Friday at all.
  • Saturday ~ 4mi around home base + 5.6mi around Ashley (with Kisa!) + 3.36mi on the wheel +1mi (estimated) around the mall and grocery store  for a total of 13.96 miles. Finally! A decent number!
  • Sunday ~ 5.3mi around the neighborhood + 6.1 around the old neighborhood = 11.4 mi

35.73 miles this week. Now THAT is more like it. This new philosophy of putting the walk first is finally paying off. I didn’t get to the litter box (sorry, Indiana), but I’ll do that tonight. I didn’t water the plants, either. But, I managed to do seven loads of laundry, go grocery shopping and make some pretty yummy meals (the Brazilian stew was my favorite).

AND, and. And! I am pleased to announce I am $100 OVER my donation goal now! That only means I can now relax and stop stressing about having to pay the difference if I didn’t raise my minimum by May 1st. Phew!

Here are the projected numbers for this week:

  • Monday ~ 2 miles
  • Tuesday ~ ? I have a Just ‘Cause Walker meeting – not sure how to fit in any kind of walk…
  • Wednesday ~ 3 miles
  • Thursday ~ 2 miles
  • Friday ~ 2 miles
  • Saturday ~ 14 miles
  • Sunday ~ 12 miles
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