Something Different

Like I have been saying for days now I am really trying to stay true to training. Walking when I can, moving to get nowhere. It’s not the miles, or even the speed of movement that really matter. It’s the doing just to get it done. Kisa went out on last night’s walk and I’m glad he did. I never would have believed me, myself or moi if he hadn’t.

Let me back it up. Last Saturday I went walking with my mother. The walk itself was all well and good. We meandering around Rockland and my gps didn’t record a single inch. But, no matter. We walked for over an hour and that was really all that mattered in the grand scheme of training. However, this walk yielded something different. Hives. About 30 minutes into the walk my neck started to itch, then it progressed to my hands, then my arms and finally my legs were on fire. Accompanying this itch was a redness and raised white bumps. Towards the end of the walk I literally felt I had been in the attic, not just playing with the insulation but rolling around in it, making love to it. When we got back to mom’s apartment I immediately took a shower and an allergy pill. I felt better within the hour. Kisa and I speculated that it was probably the new detergent we are using and promptly forgot about the incident.

Fast forward to last night. 30 minutes into the walk I started to feel that same itchy, burning sensation. Only this time it was one arm and I was sleeveless. It’s not detergent. The hives looked like worms under my skin, bumps running in white lines up and down one arm. Ten minutes later the other arm was just as bad. By the time we got back to Hilltop I looked like I had been to Aruba without sunscreen. Between burning and itching I couldn’t tell what was worse.

Am I allergic to something? Is this a new development? I’ve never had reactions to pollen like this before. When I called my mother she was concerned about the Just Cause walk. What if something happens at mile two and the sweep van is nowhere in sight? I know where I get my worrying. That’s nothing new, but the itching – that’s something different.

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3 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Ruby Tues

    Holy cow! Stock up on the benedryl and make an appointment to see an allergist. Walk or no walk … you should figure out what this nasty reaction is all about?!?!

  2. We figured it out. My hormones are all out of whack. Go figure. *sigh*

  3. Ruby Tues

    Geez – can’t you just get cranky when the hormones go wild, like every other woman?! Oh Nooooo … you’ve got be all unique and get freaky hive-like things. Youch! 😉

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