Week Ten (It Is What It Is)

This was a very interesting week in terms of training (or lack there of). The numbers crack me up because they are so random. See for yourself:

  • Monday ~ 2 mi/walking as promised. Note: this is the only day things go as planned
  • Tuesday ~ nothing – I have no recollection of this day whatsoever.
  • Wednesday ~ 2.5 mi/running on the tread just to say I did something
  • Thursday ~ Nada – hung out with a friend instead.
  • Friday ~ 4.6mi walk around the neighborhood (in the midst of packing and whatnot)
  • Saturday ~ 2.44 walk with my mom around bustling Rockland, Maine. I took my phone but the gps didn’t record a single step so this is an estimate. It was great to walk around with her, even if we didn’t get that far…
  • Sunday ~ 3.17mi run + 1.5 mi walk. When I realized how far away the hotel was from mom’s apartment I decided to run the distance. It was a great little run. Later, we took A to the park and that gave me another 1.5 miles of movement (which was great because later I sat in the car for nearly 5 hours).

So. Another 16 miles. Not what I planned but then again I didn’t think I would get anywhere. It is now time to stop fukcing around and start walking for real. So, the numbers for this week (dammit) are:

  • Monday ~ 3.5
  • Tuesday ~ 2
  • Wednesday ~ 3.5
  • Thursday ~ 2
  • Friday ~ 2
  • Saturday ~ 12
  • Sunday ~ 12

Since I have officially stopped bleeding again it is time to start the process.

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