Week Nine Woes

Strep throat and another red tide. Walking and coughing is not fun. Walking and wearing pads that turn into DependsOnYourMood after mile three are not fun, either. I feel like I’ve had a feather duster shoved down my throat and…well, as for the other area I just won’t go there. Let’s just say I’m sick of bleeding. Enough said. So, here are the pitiful numbers for the week:

  • Monday ~ already decided it would be (and was) nothing
  • Tuesday~ 5.46mi (walking on the tread, singing disgustingly sad songs)
  • Wednesday ~ nada (worked for MSR)
  • Thursday ~ 3.22mi
  • Friday ~ sicksicksick
  • Saturday ~ 5.56mi
  • Sunday~ nada

Pitiful I know. Another woman training for Just ‘Cause has walked over 200 miles so far. I’m a measly 156 (or somewhere near there). The mood is not good this week.

Here are the numbers for next week. Let’s see where I get with these…

  • Monday ~ 2 miles
  • Tuesday ~ 3 miles
  • Wednesday ~ 2 miles
  • Thursday ~ 3 miles
  • Friday ~ 8 miles
  • Saturday ~ ?
  • Sunday ~ ?

That’s all I have to say about that. The end.

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