When It’s Work Week Eight

I hate to admit it when training becomes a chore. I really don’t want to think of it as something I *have* to do. Am I making sense? I guess when I view something as a chore it’s the equivalent of complaining and that’s not what I want to do. Yet…and yet I had trouble fitting in the training. It became a challenge. There. I said it. Here are the numbers. You’ll see what I mean.

  • Monday  1.25 mi/walk
  • Tuesday 4.16mi/run (tread)
  • Wednesday nada
  • Thursday 1.87mi/walk
  • Friday 2.01mi/walk
  • Saturday 8.71mi/walk (neighborhood)
  • Sunday 2.52mi/walk (tread)

20.52 miles. So very short of what I intended to do. Monday started off exactly as planned. I was 1.25 mi short of the Sunday goal and Monday was spent making it up. Tuesday was good. Over goal. Wednesday –  there was simply no time anywhere to fit in a dedicated walk. I’m sure if I wore a pedometer it would have registered at least two miles over the course of the entire day…Thursday was cut short because of working late and getting home late and starting dinner late. Latelatelate. Friday was a wash because Kisa came home early (we had a dinner party to go to)…then there was the weekend. Saturday was a full day of chores: LowesT for a wheelbarrow , Michael’s for fabric paint so I can honor cancer patients on my sweep bag and shirt, Toy’s Rn’t Us for more Atty gifts, the Pool Shop to price liners, pumps and a sturdy ladder, cleaning the garage of crap, washing, drying, folding, putting away five loads of laundry and still I managed 8.71 miles. Sunday was a different story: two more loads of laundry, the cat’s sh!t house, grocery shopping, moving humongous stumps, broken glass and yard work, returning stuff to LL Beaner, a phone call home…by the time I was ready to walk the sun was setting and I hadn’t even thought about dinner. So, I didn’t get far. In total I have walked 137.56 miles. I am in Commack or outside Margaretville, NY. I am almost in Killington, VT or Exeter, N.H. I am everywhere and nowhere just the same.

Maybe this week will be different. I don’t know. Here are the numbers that will stare at me for the rest of the week:

  • Monday – nada (I have to work late)
  • Tuesday – 4 miles
  • Wednesday – 2 miles
  • Thursday – 4 miles
  • Friday – 2 miles
  • Saturday – 10 miles
  • Sunday – 10 miles

In other news, I am halfway to my fund raising goal. The notes and names have touched me deeply. It’s as if I can hear across the ink how much loved ones are missed. “Please remember my beloved wife.” “Our angel in heaven – mom.” “My sister taken too soon.” Sometimes it is just the first name as if writing out the whole name would break a heart. Seeing the entire name would be too much to bear. Twenty names in all. Twenty donations made out of love and sorrow and most of all, hope.

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