The Return at Week Seven

I consider this my official week back to training because not only did I get a good amount of walking done, I also ran…some. Here are the numbers (just so I can get them off my chest):

  • Monday – 1 mile
  • Tuesday ~ 2.22mi run/30 min (you do the math)
  • Wednesday ~ 3.3mi run/ 40 min (getting faster)
  • Thursday ~ 2 miles
  • Friday ~ 3.6mi run/ 40 min (getting even faster, all things considered)
  • Sat ~ 7 mile walk on the treadmill
  • Sun ~ the wonkiest walk ever – 4 miles + 1.75mi = 1.25mi short of my goal. I can explain. I stopped at 4 miles to stop for lunch and then get back on the tread. I walked until Germany called. Talked for nearly two hours and by then it was time to start cooking dinner…

Total: 24.57 miles. The running was hard. I have been bleeding heavy all this week so the chafe was NOT fun. Body glide does help some, but…Enough said.Push through the pain has been my motto this week.

All in all I have moved 128.91 miles. That would be to Loudon, N.H. (north), New Bedford, MA (east), Centereach, N.Y (south) and Ellenville, N.Y (west). I have raised $360 for Just ‘Cause and so far. I will walk in honor of 18 cancer heroes.I got a little braver with the donation letter and randomly handed it to people. I regret that. Now I feel awkward whenever I see them. Do they think I’m expecting a donation every time I face them? Ugh.

Anyway, onto something a little less uncomfortable. Here are the numbers for the upcoming week:

  • Monday ~ supposed to be a day of rest but I want to finish the 1.25 I was short last week
  • Tuesday ~ 4 miles
  • Wednesday ~ 2 miles
  • Thursday ~ 4 miles
  • Friday ~ 2 miles
  • Saturday ~ 8 miles
  • Sunday ~ 8 miles

Truth be known, I’m not sure I’ll get Friday – Sunday done. My grandfather is ill again so I think I’m going to Maine. At least I am planning to go to Maine… We will just have to play that part of the process by ear.

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2 thoughts on “The Return at Week Seven

  1. Ruby Tues

    If you go to ME and need a cat sitter … let me know 🙂

  2. Thanks~ with Easter just around the corner we decided to wait until then. Not sure if it’s an overnight, just me leaving or what. I’ll keep you posted!

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