Set List of a Different Sort

I’m always looking for new playlists for my ipod. Old music, new music. It really doesn’t matter. I don’t care. I’ll take suggestions from just about anywhere. All I’m looking for are new ways to motivate my training walks. I need to motivate my mind away from mindless, too. Last night Smiley, Kisa and I went out to hear a friend play drums. Open nights are usually a great breeding ground for strange playlist combinations. You just never know what you are going to get. Here’s the concoction from last night (in order):

  • Yellow Ledbetter ~ Pearl Jam
  • Sweet Angel ~ Jimi Hendrix
  • Manic Depression ~ Jimi Hendrix
  • In Your Eyes ~ Peter Gabriel
  • Dancing Days ~ Led Zep
  • Good Times, Bad Times ~ Led Zep
  • Suck My Kiss ~ RHCP
  • Cheap Sunglasses ~ ZZ Top
  • Young Lust ~ Pink Floyd (I call this one Dirty Girl, always have.)
  • I Shot the Sheriff ~ Bob Marley – Truth be known, the band played Eric Clapton’s version but being a purist I put Marley’s version on my playlist.
  • Woodstock ~ CSNY
  • Dream On ~ Aerosmith
  • Cold Shot ~ SRV
  • Tom Sawyer ~ Rush
  • Miss You ~ Rolling Stones

Okay, so there were others. At one part of the night the show became silly soft rock time. I only included CSNY from that part of the set. Earlier, there was this heavier, befuddled and confused band that came on…I didn’t include anything from them because I couldn’t understand a word they said.

Anyway, so back to the good music. The last two songs were my favorites (besides In Your Eyes…my romantic, sappy self won’t ever let that one go). But, I loved Tom Sawyer for the crazy good drums and Miss You for the voice.
Today I discovered Kisa had all the songs in itunes so I made myself a playlist of the originals in the original order of the night. I think I will have to rearrange some of it if I want it to be a run list. We’ll have to see about that. Call me crazy, but I think I found a new hobby.

BTW: who said “It’s got a great beat but I can’t dance to it”? It’s been bugging me all week.

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2 thoughts on “Set List of a Different Sort

  1. sarah

    great night!

    that quote sounds familiar but i’m not sure where its from.
    hope someone figures it out…im curious 🙂

    • I’m not sure I have the quote verbatim, but it was something like that… PS~ the look Mr. N gave you (and your reaction) was priceless! 😉

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