Where Am I Week Six

I feel like a bind person. Last week was Alice, this week, Pew. I am restarting this training thing. It feels like crap to be thinking in terms of single digits again. I have to admit that and move on. Hopefully by this weekend I will see double digits…

Anyway, about week six training. I got in a tiny teeny weeny 2.2 mile walk on my own before the weekend. I won’t say when because it will only raise eyebrows and I don’t need the questions right now.
The weekend was better. On the first day Kisa and I went back to the reservoir and walked the longest loop once. 3.75 miles. We talked talked talked the entire time. Words like Atlanta, Telluride, and Monhegan were thrown around casually. I found a heads-up nickel and considered the possibility of five days of good luck. What would that be like? On the second day we decided to walk to our friends’s house. Words like sex offender, neighborhood and internet were tossed back and forth with purpose. I wanted to see where he lived. Stone’s throw? Many miles? I wanted to see hopefully how far or maybe how close. We tracked through the neighborhood. I picked up a screwdriver and considered the possibility of building something better. 3.75 miles again.

I think what made this week so confusingly blind is that not a single day of it felt like “training” for Just ‘Cause. In a sense I cheated because all I did was walk with my husband. Walk and talk. Walk and talk. We gave our marriage a workout by working it out.

Here are the hopeful numbers for this week:

  • Monday ~ 1-2 miles (working second job)
  • Tuesday ~ 3-4 miles
  • Wednesday ~ 3-4 miles
  • Thursday ~ 1-2 miles
  • Friday ~ 4-5 miles
  • Saturday ~ 7 miles
  • Sunday ~ 7 miles

In other news, I made my first Just ‘Cause donation: $210. I took the opportunity to talk about JC to just about anyone who would listen and ending up bringing home an extra $30. It’s not just the $$. It’s the chance to talk about something bigger than myself and far more important.

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4 thoughts on “Where Am I Week Six

  1. Ruby Tues

    Sounds like training is a lot more fun when you can walk and talk with Kisa … how cool is that?!

    • I think you are right. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to – makes the miles go by faster! 🙂

  2. Ruby Tues

    You know … if you stnad around and talk too much … you can often miss the WALK light at intersections. Not that we’d know anything about that 🙂

  3. How would WE know anything about that? Us? Distracted? *gasp!* Never!

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