Too Fast Fifth Week

My surgery is less than a week away. Funny how seven days can seem like nothing at all. Last week went by way too fast. Here’s how the training went:

  • Monday ~ sun salutations
  • Tuesday ~ warrior poses (dinner with A)
  • Wednesday ~ back bending / 3.76 mi run
  • Thursday ~ seated poses / 1.74+ mi walk (dinner with RT)
  • Friday ~ balancing poses (date with Kisa; Richard Marx II and the great casino)
  • Saturday ~ 4.20 miles around town + 6.23 miles back around town = 10.43 miles
  • Sunday ~ 2.23 miles around the mall + 8 miles on the treadmill = 10.23 miles

Total miles for February: 61.25 miles (3.62 short of my goal). So far my movement (total) has brought me to Bellows Falls, VT (North), Southold, NY (South), Saugerties, NY (West), and just passed Newton, MA (East). Craziness.

Probably the biggest thing I am the most concerned about is another bad blood pressure report. I’m not sure why it’s so high but Dr. Ruth was not happy with me either. I need to change my life in more way than one.

So. Anyway, here are the numbers for Week Sexy Six:

  • Monday ~ nada (still sulking about the blood pressure)
  • Tuesday ~ warrior poses / 1.75 miles walking (I have to work)
  • Wednesday ~ back bending / 4 miles running (my last push before surgery)
  • Thursday ~ seated poses / surgery
  • Friday ~ child poses / post-surgery
  • Saturday & Sunday ~ nothing

I will be happy with 5 miles. Seriously. Time’s up. I can come back later. XOXOX

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3 thoughts on “Too Fast Fifth Week

  1. becelisa

    what day is your surgery? phone date one night before hand if possible? i’ve got some little race this sunday and melissa will be in town frday through monday but i would love a quick catch up on things. miss you! xoxo

  2. Thursday afternoon. Call me tomorrow night if you are free…

  3. becelisa

    i’ll be home later this evening. mini-me has gymnastics than it’s usually a bit chaotic getting everything else in that we need to before bedtime but i’ll definitely find a few minutes in there. xoxo

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