Shopaholic Week Three

This week of training seem to culminate to one big shopping spree at the end of the week. Well, that’s not really true. All the money was spent on Saturday and Sunday was spent being exhausted by the expense. I think I should explain. Eventually. Here is the week in review:

  • Monday ~ yoga (sun salutation series)
  • Tuesday ~ yoga (back bending) & 2.77 miles running
  • Wednesday ~ yoga (balance) & 1.88 miles running
  • Thursday ~ yoga (hips) & 1.78 miles running
  • Friday ~ yoga (invigorating)
  • Saturday ~ long walk 1 (7.77+ miles)
  • Sunday ~ long walk 2 (8.00 miles)

So, here’s how it all went down. I got the Droid phone for my birthday. Strange, I know. I go from resisting constant communication to having one of the newest forms of social technology out there. What’s even stranger to say is that I am in constant contact with my communicator. Last week I installed a Cardio app that allows me to track myself via GPS while I’m outside. Saturday I decided to walk to Goodwill, shop ($37 worth), and walk back (totaling 7.77 miles). I also installed an alarm clock which allows me to get in yoga before the day really starts. Later on that same Saturday I bought new NewBalance walkers (in pink), two pairs of “best of both worlds” socks (one pair pink, the other neon green), a running tank (black and gray striped and super, super thin) and gu (lemon). That’s a lot of spending at one time for this girl.

Total miles for February so far..22.2

I feel I owe the week an explanation because the numbers aren’t adding up. This last week was really, really tough. I over-extended myself in every way possible. I was getting home so late I could only promise myself 20 minute runs. At least I did three days in a row which is more than I have done in a long time…

The Plan for this next week:

  • Mon ~ yoga
  • Tues ~ yoga, run 4 miles *hopefully*
  • Wednesday ~ yoga & weight training
  • Thursday ~ yoga, run 4 miles
  • Friday ~ yoga
  • Saturday ~ walk 10 miles or 150 minutes whichever comes first
  • Sunday ~ walk 10 miles no matter what.

As for my to-do list:

  • Got the walking sneaks – now I need to break them in.
  • Got the hotel for Saturday night – now I need to send in my half of the deposit.
  • Never got body glide – should have because now I have new warrior burns…grrrr
  • Never sent the charity letters (%^$*) -gotta, gotta do that!
  • Updated the playlist, but not with the music I anticipated. ‘If I Were a Boy’, ‘Love Lockdown’ & ‘Whatcha Say’ took the place of P!nk, Jeff & oh well, everyone else…
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