Weird Week Two

I question things a lot these days. Maybe more than I should. The training for Just ‘Cause is slowly picking up and by that I mean I am putting one foot in front of the other with some regularity. It’s not the frequency of the walks that has me optimistic, it’s the simple fact that I am motivated, all things considered. I’m still preoccupied by this non-health issue (or it is a health non-issue? I forget).

Anyway, here is the week in review:

  • Monday – yoga
  • Tuesday – 3.63 miles
  • Wednesday – weights
  • Thursday – nothing, zilch, nada (work got in the way in a big way)
  • Friday – weights
  • Saturday – 6.2 miles
  • Sunday – 6.32 miles

Yes, I walked S/S (99 minutes both days). The total mileage for the month of January is 39.33

The Plan for this upcoming week:

  • Monday – yoga
  • Tuesday – 4 miles or 1 hour running
  • Wednesday – weights
  • Thursday – 4 miles. period
  • Friday – yoga
  • Saturday – 8 miles or 2 hours walking, whichever comes first
  • Sunday – 8 miles walking. period

I have a ToDo list to tackle before I go much farther:

  1. Get new walking shoes – walking in old runners isn’t going to cut it after a while!
  2. Send out donation letters
  3. Make a reservation at the hotel so I have somewhere to stay Saturday night…
  4. Get more body glide (the underarm rashes are bragging rights, for sure but they hurt like hell!)
  5. Change the playlists on my ipod (jeff buckley, tori amos, pink, & pressing strings  – all stuff i need).

I am noticing that walks go better in the sunshine and with plenty of really good music. On the last two mega-walks I listened to Natalie nonstop. It was interesting to feel fired up during songs like “Not in This Life” and “Headstrong” (my personal anthems these days) and not by songs like “My Skin” or “The Living,” songs that used to evoke such powerful emotions in me. I guess my focus has been diverted from cancer and alcoholism to vowing to stop making mistakes and celebrating plain old stubbornness!

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