Recipe #12 (sorta)

Ring That Bell Recipe Diary

In truth I really don’t think I can claim to have made recipe #12 yet. In the beginning of this thing I said I wanted to make the recipes as true to the original recipe as possible – that included directions, but most of all, ingredients. If that’s the case, Cabbage Side Dish can’t be called Recipe #12.

Instead of red cabbage thinly sliced I used a package of pre-cut “coleslaw” ingredients (which included red cabbage). Instead of Spanish onion I substituted shallots – I had a few lying around without designation. Instead of tart apples I used pears. Garlic was omitted because, for once, I didn’t have any in my kitchen. I didn’t have mace either. Nor vegetable or meat broth (used good old fashioned water instead). The only thing I remained true to was the directions. I followed every direction to the letter.

Taste: Who knows how the original would have turned out. I do know my version was the bomb, and even better the next day. Served warm.

Note of warning: the next day the entire dish takes on a sort of pink hue (from the cabbage, most likely) and while it isn’t all that attractive, it still tastes good!

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