Recipe #10 postscript

After making Dint’s Doughnuts I ended up freezing a batch of them. Kisa and I couldn’t eat two dozen doughnuts by ourselves (not to mention the doughnut holes) so I stuck a little over a dozen in the freezer. Here’s what I remember and here’s what I’ve learned:

As I remember, Dint’s Doughnuts weren’t all that great the second day. They were less than okay the third day and downright horrible on the fourth day. In other words, if you weren’t going to eat them within a day or two be prepared to throw away some pretty dry and rock-solid doughnuts. Mary never had that problem because she rarely had doughnuts left over from breakfast, never mind any left over the next day.

However, I’ve learned that not only can you freeze them – but you can microwave them back to perfect. No way, you say? Yes way. I’m not kidding. As I pulled the object of my affection out of the freezer and plopped it on a plate I knew unthawing a doughnut wasn’t going to be a delicious process. In fact, I wasn’t even sure how to go about doing it without drying and destroying the thing. I don’t know what made me think of the microwave, but here’s the magical combination for almost fresh, almost made this morning doughnuts – microwave setting “reheat” -> food -> pizza -> thin crust -> 1 slice (which equals to 30 seconds). Perfection. The doughnut came out moist and slightly warm. Okay, not exactly Mary-fresh but still good. For two doughnuts, after “pizza” hit the “thick crust” button. Tah-dah!

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3 thoughts on “Recipe #10 postscript

  1. Manda

    keep some donuts in the freezer, I’m coming over! 😉 sounds delicious. I love trying new recipes…and reading about your adventures with cooking.

  2. Manda! Miss U. Things have been crazy, crazy as I’m sure you have guessed. xoxoxo

  3. Ruby Tues

    Way to make those donuts last! It would be a dirty shame to have to throw them out after all 🙂

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