Recipe #9

Ring That Bell Recipe Diary

Jalapeno Cornbread

This bread accompanied a beef stew that I had cooking all day in the crock. It was kind of neat to throw something together in the morning before work, let it cook all day, and then come home just to make the side dish. I’m not used to cooking that way at al.

Observations: The cornbread recipe was pretty typical. Nothing unusual stood out about it. All the ingredients seemed standard. What was really different was the way everything was put together. Using a cast iron skillet I fried the peppers and garlic (didn’t have onions so they didn’t make it to the party). Once the batter was mixed up I poured it over the fried vegetables, sprinkled it with sharp cheddar, and popped it into the oven to bake. What came out was a golden brown skillet cake with a cheese crust on top and a vegetable layer on the bottom – really interesting.

Taste: Cornbread goes really well with any kind of soup in my book, especially stews. I loved the cheddar cheese crust on top, the sweet corn in the middle, and the spicy garlic and jalapeno on the bottom. It gave the bread a complexity that most standard cornbreads don’t have. They may have all these ingredients, but just not prepared this way. I loved it.

Last word: Mary including eggs in the ingredients (not unusual) but added “room temperature, (of course).” What does that mean? What do you mean, “of course” Mary? Is it a standard baking rule that eggs should be room temperature? I’ve never heard that before!

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