Recipes 7 & 8

Ring That Bell Recipe Diary

Today was a Ring That Bell recipe double shot. Lemon Coconut Muffins in the morning and Parmesan Chicken in the evening. First, the muffins.

Recipe 7: Lemon Coconut Muffins
These were very easy to “whip up” as mom would say. I took out all the ingredients (minus the milk) the night before. Had I been more energetic I would have measured everything out as well. Mary doesn’t specify unsweetened or sweetened coconut and since I need unsweetened for a Tyler Florence recipe I went that route for Mary’s muffins.

Observations: These came out really moist as is. The recipe called for baking anywhere between 20-25 minutes and I had them in the over for 23. Perfect. They also came out well reheated in the microwave.

Taste: These are not as sweet as I would have liked. Kisa said he could barely taste the coconut. Confession time: I used a lower fat coconut which probably messed with the taste a little. Also, since the coconut was unsweetened that didn’t help. Next time I will definitely use big fat, big taste coconut. The lemon zest really adds a nice vibrant taste to the muffins but next time I will add a little lemon juice to the mix for more kick.

…and now for the Parmesan Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce:
This was a really rich dish.

Observations: Flour, parmesan cheese and fresh ground pepper were mixed together to create the “crust” for the chicken (after dredging in the egg wash). The measurements for this crust were excessive. I had mixture left over which, of course, I couldn’t use because it had touched the chicken. Sad. For the next time I will cut back on much of the flour and press the parm onto the chicken (Rachel Ray has a recipe for this technique), so I only use exactly what I need.
Also, in the list of ingredients Mary includes sun-dried tomatoes (obviously) and later in her instructions it is clear she means the dried version and NOT the jarred version because she includes instructions for reconstituting them with boiling water.

Taste: Visually this is a very colorful dish. Bright yellow peppers, dark red sun-dried tomatoes, red canned tomatoes, and yellow onions make for a sunset dish. I had red peppers so my dish came out fiery looking. The addition of parsley, basil, garlic, balsamic vinegar and olive oil round out the rich flavors. While Mary called this a “sauce” it was chunkier than what I consider pourable (my own word – don’t bother looking it up).

Note: as the dish bakes in the oven the entire kitchen becomes aromatic and very Italian smelling. I was tempted to served this over pasta with a nice bottle of red wine.

Confession: I missed Mary’s last instruction, “Sprinkle with mozzarella.” I added shredded parmesan cheese instead. I guess it was instinctual to add some kind of Italian cheese…

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