Pink Puke

I read an article the other day that asked the question, “Are You Sick of the Pink?” With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month everywhere you look is flooded with varying shades of pink for 31 days. Baseball and football players don hot pink gloves, wrist bands and shoes. Pale pink ribbon are on everything from hair ties to shoe laces so that a person could be decked out from head to toe in breast cancer awareness and support. Then there’s the merchandise. Everyone is jumping on the Beat Breast Cancer Band Wagon and not in an attractive way, or so it seems.

The article I read complained about corporate America jumping on the BBC Band Wagon as a marketing ploy. Slap a pink ribbon on the product and suddenly consumers are supporting the cause if they buy the product. Not so fast. Just because a product displays a pink ribbon doesn’t mean part of the proceeds will go towards a reputable charity, research or otherwise. Some pink ribbon toting products don’t actually donate anywhere, nor do they claim to. They could argue their pink ribbon placement is only to raise awareness and show support. That’s all. That maybe true but some think more likely it’s a marketing gimmick. As I said before, some well-meaning woman is going to buy your pink beribboned product innocently assuming you will donate something somewhere. I admit I’ll admit I’ll buy the product that sports the pink over the one that doesn’t. See, it even works on me.

That idea of getting something back when you donate to a good cause is tempting. I’m a sucker for the pink lids on yogurt containers. I’ll buy more of that brand even though it’s not my favorite, just for the pink lids. Who cares that the portion of the donation is only a dime? I’ll still carefully peel back the lid, wash it clean and send it off. Knowing I did something is better than nothing at all. I will also buy New Balance gear because I believe in their philanthropy. But, my favorite way to donate? Cash. Cash in the form of registration forms. Case in point: Baystate Rays of Hope Cancer Walk blog coming soon.

So, if you are sick of the pink and don’t know who to trust, consider this option: walk, walk, walk.

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One thought on “Pink Puke

  1. sarah

    “…walk walk walk” Hell Yeah!!

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