Recipe #6

Ring That Bell Recipe Diary

Cranberry Orange Scones
I think this is my favorite recipe so far. For starters, I have discovered a passion for scones and two, this came out absolutely fabulous.

The love of scones is more of a shock than anything else. In the past I found scones to be dry, bitter, crumbly and general a pain in the azz to eat. I likened them to a biscuit or cracker rather than a breakfast bread or pastry and as a result, hated them. That is, up until 2007. During the summer of 2007 Kisa and I, along with two great friends, rented a cottage on Monhegan for a week. Every morning we would stumble out of bed, make ourselves presentable (sometimes not), and make our way up to the NovelToo where Sweet Bob would be busy making bagels, muffins, breakfast cakes…and scones. I took a chance on a cherry almond scone and was hooked. It was buttery, sweet, and slightly moist. I couldn’t help but fall in love. Maybe it was the island sunshine. Maybe it was the company of good people. Maybe it was the salt, salt air. Nevertheless, these scones rocked!

But! But, but. I always thought there were difficult to make. So I wasn’t exactly looking forward to making Mary’s Cranberry Orange Scones. I was already thinking disaster before I started mixing anything together. Again, Mary is vague with her directions. She says add “some” milk without a real measurement. I was surprised to find I did know how much milk I needed and she was right, I needed just some.

Observations: Mary said to roll out the dough to 3/4″ thick but I didn’t have a ruler and I suk at eyeballing measurements (sorry Rachel!). I guessed at the thickness and guessed at cutting the typical triangular shapes. But, all that didn’t matter. They came out looking like a scone even Sweet Bob would approve of.

Taste: I’m not going to say my scones rivaled those of  NovelToo’s, but I am proud of my creations. They were really, really good. Kisa and I had them for both breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Mary warned that the scones were best right after baking and I have to agree. We ate the leftovers on Sunday and while they were still good they seemed a little soft, a little stale.

ps~ In case you were wondering, NovelToo is still in business but Sweet Bob is (typically) MIA. We miss those scones, man!

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