Recipe #5

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Chicken Delicious

Chicken Delicious is exactly what it sounds like, delicious chicken and then some. It is a very simple recipe made up of chicken (obviously), sausage (no specific kind), and potatoes (no specific type) flavored with oregano, paprika, salt and garlic. Everything is baked in a hot oven until the meat is cooked through, the potatoes tender and the house is aromatic.

Observations: Mary includes a cooking time on this recipe (go figure), but it was one that had me scratching my head. The directions said one hour at 425 degrees and an additional 30 minutes at 375. I have to disagree with part of this. If you are cooking bone-in chicken (which Mary does mention) yes, you might need 90 minutes of cooking time. If you were using a lot of chicken 90 minutes would be a necessity. But, for boneless chicken (which Mary also suggests using) there is no need for that kind of baking duration. However, I do agree the potatoes need all the time they can get if they aren’t cut up small enough.

Taste: To be perfectly honest Chicken Delicious came out a little greasy. I chalk it up to the hot Italian sausage I used since I used boneless, skinless chicken. The fat from the sausage dripped down over the potatoes as it cooked. While such a full flavor was really yummy (something I wasn’t expecting) I will use turkey sausage next time. I will also parboil the potatoes to speed up the cooking process just a little.

One error on my part was the mixing of the spices. I tossed them with just the chicken, leaving the rest of the ingredients plain. Next time I will toss all ingredients with the seasonings – the chicken, sausage and potatoes. I could also see this served over rice which I think would have turned out just as nice.

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2 thoughts on “Recipe #5

  1. Ruby Tues

    This one sounds very easy … and (except for the grease factor) quite yummy. I may have to get the recipe and give it a try 🙂

  2. It’s incredibly easy and now that I’ve made it Mary’s way I’m free to play with it – adding lower calorie ingredients, etc. I’m sure you’ll like it, too!

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