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Ring That Bell Recipe Diary

Maybe I was feeling a little indulgent. I skipped the run for a second pathetic day in a row and for dinner I threw together a skillet meal of smoked kielbasa, multi-colored wild rice, spinach, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and black beans. Paprika and Tabasco to round out the flavors. Lazy, lazy, lazy.
Kisa was on the phone with work (again), there was nothing worth watching on television (there hardly ever is), and my book was getting boring. Complacency was setting in so I decided to cook Ring That Bell recipe #4.

Peanut Butter Cookies
Because I wanted to just taste them and nothing more I cut the recipe in half, ended up only baking eight cookies , and froze the rest of the dough. Don’t smirk, all you bakers out there! I’ve never done this before. Yikes.

I have to start of by saying if I am a mediocre pancake cook I am a worse baker. I rarely bake cookies, make pies once in a blue moon, and can’t remember the last time I baked a cake. My sweet tooth remains solidly a sour tooth. So, what possessed me to make peanut butter cookies at 8pm, I’ll never know.
The recipe called for vegetable oil. Even though I promised to stay as true to the original recipe as possible this is one occasional when I simply couldn’t. I hardly ever use vegetable oil since olive oil is so much better for you. I was tempted to use peanut oil to really drive home that peanut taste, or even applesauce since that is my calorie-cutting trick. But. But! But, somehow I knew neither would cut it. So, I opted for safflower oil.

Observations: while all of the ingredients seem pretty standard I love how Mary directions are not. She is casual with the details. She gives you the temperature of the oven but not the length of baking time. She gives you accurate ingredient measurements but not the number of cookies the recipe should make. She promises these cookies are someone’s favorite, giving the recipe a personal touch. I couldn’t help but think of that person as I stirred in the chocolate chips. Mary suggests adding crushed peanuts or chocolate chips to the mix at the end. I added a few whole peanuts (still feeling lazy) and as mentioned before, few chocolate chunks left over from another era. As a finishing touch I sprinkled each cookie with sugar (like Mary says to do).

Taste: While most peanut butter cookies I have ever had come out crunchy and crumbling (which I hate) these were softer and dare I say, even moist? They are creamy and soft. Maybe I undercooked them since Mary didn’t give an exact cooking time and we’ve already established I am not a baker. In the end I decided I liked them. We’ll see how the frozen dough turns out. Maybe those cookies will be Thanksgiving dessert…

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