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The 23rd of this month marks our 8th month in the new house. I’m constantly reminded of that show ‘House Hunters’ where people search for a new home, have to choose between three and finally buy one. At the end of the show the hostess says, “It’s been X months and the Smiths have all moved in…” Cut to a before and after of the kitchen or bedroom with a voiceover of what the new owners have changed. You could come back every month and something would be different with us.

When we first moved in the first thing we did was strip away rotted siding and put up new trim on the outside of the house. Then came brand, beautiful dark brown, new gutters. Gutters went in places where there were none before. That should help the drainage issue. With the help of the colors of the gutters we chose new house paint. I call it Oobleck. Actually, we chose two colors, Oobleck and Coffee. Should look nice when we get around to actually painting the house…
In May we planted new flowers – nothing that will last – much to my disappointment. Why buy annuals when they will need to be replanted again next year and the year after? I am a strong believer in the things that come back year after year. Vote perennials.
What else has happened? We fixed the kitchen counter, put in much needed doorstops, weather stripped the door to the garage, caulked the chimney and AC unit and fixed the window cranks. Had some random plumbing done. Tried several times to put in DirectTV which didn’t work.

Now it’s October and it has been a huge month. The Hilltop property had a much-needed trim. Two large locust trees were taken down (we’ll dry the wood and use it in the fireplace next year – after we uncap and reline the chimney). We had about 15′ of bushes and saplings cleared away from the fenceline as well. Now we have a great view of the mountains from the hill. We want to sneak a Monhegan bench up there to enjoy the view.
October has also seen the installation of a new cat door into the utility closet. We’re hoping it’s not too much to ask of Indy to put her bathroom in a more private space…if only she’ll use the door. And speaking of doors, we installed a new storm door. That took some work because the front steps had shifted and the railing obstructed opening the new door all the way. Before the door could be installed we needed to winch the steps back into their original spot by about 4″ or so. When all that was said and done the new door was installed! We also had new siding put on the front. Not the entire front so it doesn’t match the color of the house. According to a friend of ours we now have racing stripes on the house!

Now, we are in “screw mode.” Not what you think. Not that kind of screw. Planter rods, curtain rods, mirrors, shelves, and a utility rack all need to be hung. Still. If the weather holds maybe we’ll paint…

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4 thoughts on “Hilltop News October

  1. Ruby Tues

    If Indy wont use the cat door, assuming it’s like mine … just take the plastic door flap piece out until she gets used to it (we did that for Vegas).

  2. I don’t think we have the same model as yours (white with a clear flap), but we taped up the flap with duct tape. It’s magnetic so when it’s down it doesn’t swing freely. 😦 Hopefully we can teach an old lady a new trick!

  3. I really loved that post, I am a little confused, and have a quick question. Can I send you an email?

    • Of course you are confused. You don’t know me. Posted for the amusement of those in the know.

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