Recipe #2

Ring That Bell Recipe Diary

For the second recipe from Ring that Bell I chose “Oven-Barbecued Chicken.” For one, I had almost all the ingredients (yay for not shopping on a doctor day). For another, it seemed beyond simple to make. For a day that started out with snow, I needed simple. I’m simply not ready for winter.

I am always up for learning how to make a new barbecue sauce. I think I prefer barbecue over almost every other condiment. My favorite burger is a turkey burger with avocado, jalapeno and barbecue sauce. But, anyway – For the most part, all barbecue sauces have the same base (or what I like to call backbone), in this case – ketchup (or as Mary calls it, catsup). What makes the sauce for Oven-Barbecued Chicken different is the addition of butter. I’m sure there are other sauces that call for butter. I’m just not used to them. Adding butter brings a richness and a smoothness that I wasn’t expecting. It made the sauce seem more decadent. Other ingredients like paprika and lemon juice contributed a nice contrasting zip. I mentioned earlier I almost had all the ingredients. I was missing garlic salt. As a quick fix I chopped up garlic as fine as I could and added a pinch of salt. Not nearly the same thing but I made a note for next time.

Observations: As promised before this recipe was simple to make. It was easy to let my mind wander. I thought back to summers on the island and wondered if Mary ever served this at the Trailing Yew. I didn’t think so. It seemed more of a Mary Day recipe, but I wasn’t sure. Food for thought: what would Jo have thought of barbecue sauce? After chopping the onions and measuring the ingredients they all went into a saucepan and simmered over low heat. When I was ready to bake the chicken I poured the entire sauce over the boneless chicken and let it bubble away for 35 minutes. Simply delicious.

Taste: I loved the tang of this sauce. The onion and garlic (both minced incredibly fine) added texture to an otherwise very smooth sauce. I think for next time I will cut back on the butter. It made the sauce too reminiscent of hot wing sauce and too rich for my taste.

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