Recipe #1

Ring That Bell Recipe Diary


Lobster Quiche

And so it begins. I thought I would be starting with Dint’s Doughnuts because that is the very first recipe of Mary’s cookbook, but I had all this lobster I needed to do something with. I had already made lobster rolls for Kisa’s lunch and lobster and shrimp scampi for dinner. I needed something unique and new to me. Something completely different. Along comes the Quiche. No better place to start, really.

I should start off by saying this about all the recipes from Ring That Bell. I want to remain as honest as I can to Mary’s recipes. No substitutes, no short cuts. If she says “heavy cream” heavy cream it is. If she gives choices I vow to make it both ways, just to say that I did. If something if optional I’ll try one recipe opting for and one opting without.  

For the lobster Quiche I had one shortcut – premade, store-bought pie crust. For my first recipe I didn’t want to be futzing around with rolling out dough and all that jazz. I felt good about this choice because Mary never says to make your own crust from scratch. In fact for all recipes where she doesn’t specify a specific type of ingredient I feel in the right to make my own choice. Take “milk” for example. Mary doesn’t say whole, skim or goat’s milk so I felt comfortable using 1%…you get the point.
As far as the recipe is concerned here are the choices Mary gave me and I ended up making: cream or half and half – I went with half-n-half; grated cheddar or swiss – I went with cheddar.
Here all the optional ingredients: scallions and bacon (I opted in for both).

Observations: I like that Mary’s directions are not scientific and exact. She says “a bit” for a measurement and “just begin to brown” for a length of time. She is easy-going and relaxed in her directions yet they are descriptive. I was nervous about seeing the “puffs up” Mary mentions at the end of the recipe, but sure enough, the Quiche did just that.

Taste: when I was growing up we ate lobster one way and one way only – steamed. I grew up disliking anything fancier than a side of drawn butter and a spritz of lemon. Stuffing, baking, mayonaising, bisquing, stewing, newburging…these were all insults to otherwise fantastic seafood and I frowned upon such practices. I’ve since learned to appreciate everything a good lobster can lend its flavor to, including Quiche. Mary’s quiche (the way I’ve made it) is a cross between decadent and demure. The richness of the lobster is offset by the delicateness of the custard. Even so, I feel the need to go on a diet.

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