Hilltop Exposure



This home ownership thing is weird. I’m not used to such…such…how do I put this? I’m not used to such freedom. Yes. I think freedom is the right word. We had some tree cutters in our yard a little while ago. Five men all working on trimming our yard. It was bizarre to see. They made quick work of a giant locust tree in our front yard and even quicker work of brush and saplings in the back. In less than a day – no, in little more than a morning our entire side yard was completely transformed. In truth, it looks naked. But, that’s not what this little story is about. This story is about freedom and the power it holds.

My husband had very specific orders for the two crews when they arrived in the early am: the two tall trees had been carefully marked with pink spray paint and the saplings pointed out. There was no guess work to what should come down…or stay up. As we watched, the “tree men” methodically cut by the book. The locust tree came down limb by limb, piece by piece until nothing was left but a stunted trunk. After awhile even that came down with a crashing, dead sound. It left a gash in the front yard. For a time it will serve as a reminder of the tree and its heavy fall. The shrubs and saplings along the side of the house were cut away in great big armfuls. The same man would patiently lumber up the hill only to return moments later, his arms full of young limbs and leaves. At the bottom of the hill waited a giant wood chipper humming with anticipation. Every time the tree man would feed the hopper it was if the machine responded with animal intensity – grinding the saplings into wood chips – flinging them away, now unrecognizable yet hungry for more. It all happened so fast.



By midmorning the treemen were almost finished. All that was left was a quick cleanup of the yard. Kisa and I were practically gleeful with the work that had been done. We couldn’t have asked for more. And yet. Yet, when one of the workmen questioned one last low hanging tree that wasn’t on the list we took no time to think about it. We answered with a resounding “Yes! Go for it.” Without thought we gave the okay. With wild abandon we wanted one more tree gone. The freedom to say yes.

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