Not Your Kind

When I think of everything that happened this weekend I know I could have written a book. A car accident on Friday that left me feeling frustrated, (sore), shocked and feeling stupid. It wasn’t my fault. I got T-boned by an old woman. She shouldn’t be on the road. I knew that when I asked her for her insurance card and she handed me her drivers license. I knew that when she asked me what she write on her police report…or when she accused me of stealing her cell phone after she called her son. Aside from feeling shocked about my driver-side door being bashed in I felt nothing but pure exasperation for the situation. I felt like asking this frail, wobbly woman “really? really? You really thought you could go straight in a left turn only lane? Really?” It’s just one more thing. I now drive the General Lee.

Then there’s stupid Facebook. I know I can shut off the email alerts. That’s not the point. Do I really need an alert when someone makes a comment on someone else’s page about something completely unrelated to me? I’m not even sure I should be included, alerted, whatever. I’m not even sure I care. I am not one of those people who needs alerts coming in on my phone, buzzing every second of the day. Yes, social networking is fascinating but it’s not my life. I’m not that connected, nor do I care to be. A good friend of mine put it perfectly, “I’m in touch with the people I want to be. They know where I am and if it’s really important they can pick up the damn phone.” Amen, sister. No mafia war for you!

The brakes went out in the truck. We didn’t get half the things we wanted done. Okay, so the back steps are better, no, I take that backe. They are brand new. And there is new siding on the side of the house. But, aside from six loads of laundry I’m feeling lacking. I made fajitas and guac for lunch and homemade pizza for dinner. I ran 3.75 miles and the honk quota was only three. We both went in to work. It’s not a holiday tomorrow. So, why do I feel so damned unaccomplished? Because the test results are inconclusive? Because they can’t find anything wrong, yet something is?

I shopped on Zappos for knee high boots. Two pairs. Brown and black. Something with buckles and heels. Zippered and kickazz. Changed my mind when I remembered Baltimore. We leave in two weeks. Less than that. I hope it rains. I want to see crabs, not eat them. I remember Baltimore in a dream. I remember being there but not with whom or why. It’s a weird place to celebrate five years of anything, let alone love. Nevertheless, we go. In 13 days. Restless and wanting I can’t wait to go.

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