Safe to Say

I think it’s safe to say I am back to the run, or the run has come back to me. Something like that anyway. While waiting for an interview today I glanced through my calendar. I had planned to look at what was coming up for asking questions, but instead I started questioning the run. How many runs had I been on since August 1st? Was I being consistent? Was I improving or at least holding steady? What was my story anyway?
I had to admit I was shocked to see that, aside from the trip to the island, I have faithfully put one foot in front of the other on 12 different occasions, equalling three times a week, all over 30 minutes at a time. For the most part, I have not missed a single scheduled run…aside from the trip to the island. Okay, I have rescheduled a run – there was a day when I put in a 13 hour work day and being dead on my feet, needed to make up the run the next day – but that doesn’t count because I did it. Damn it.

Today could have been the perfect day not to do it – the perfect day to miss. When I got home Kisa called to say he was going to be later than late (he’s still not home even as I write this). The news prompted me to lay on the couch with a box of cheese crackers in one hand and a bottle of Avery Island’s finest in the other watching What Not to Wear. Then, when I finally did get my azz off the couch and onto the treadmill, the belt was asking for a lube. Excuse me, but I don’t know how to lube my treadmill. Kisa, keeping his namesake of Knight, does that for me. That alone could have sent me back to the couch. But. But! But, I was dressed for the run. Ready and finally willing, ipod in hand, I decided to run the hill beside my house. It’s a mile straight up and then 2.6 miles back to the house. 3.6 simple.

Here’s what I didn’t find simple: the honking, hooting, headlights. Despite all that it was a joy to finish 3.6 in 37 minutes. I had fun. Needless to say I need a new place to run because I think it’s safe to say I finally found the run!

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2 thoughts on “Safe to Say

  1. becelisa

    welcome back! xoxo

  2. thank you! I feel awesome! 🙂

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