To Be a Boy

boysI learned a valuable lesson this week. Boys not only will be boys, they can’t help but be boys. All the time. Maybe I never considered this before because I had the luxury of being a tomboy girl. The best of both worlds. I wore the skirts and dresses but climbed trees, threw rocks and spit with the best of them. I was proud I could armpit fart the loudest. But, as I discovered, boys will be boys all the time. You won’t catch a boy acting girly unless it’s by accident or up for interpretation.

Decidedly tough toys are the rage. If you build it, they will play. Legos and little men. Tonkas and tractors. If it doesn’t come with a gun it isn’t cool. If it doesn’t make a lot of noise it isn’t fun. Flower stalks become whips and light sabres. The longer the stalk the better. Warrior poses only work with a weapon in hand. Luke Skywalker is good, but Darth Vader is better. Everyone knows the song of the Dark Side. Even my two year old nephew can sing the tune. Listen, this is how it goes, he informs me with serious eyes. I listen.

Kisa listens patiently, too. We are on the boat as Christmas wants are spelled out in detail. The instructions are exact. This color, this size, this many pieces. There is an explanation for everything. Price range, age group – my five year old nephew has it all worked out. He knows what he wants. Kisa asks questions, more for the fun of the reply than the answer. Funny how that is. Everything five is funny to an adult. Despite wanting to smile, Kisa nods knowingly, nods wisely. Keeping the importance of the page sacred.  He remembers being that young, wanting something that much. He too had a catalog worn and wrinkled from too many hours, days, and weeks of staring and wishing. Thirty years later and my husband still understands the power of the catalog…and of the Dark Side. I catch him humming along as he turns pages. My nephews nod knowingly.

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2 thoughts on “To Be a Boy

  1. sarah

    awww I hung out with my boys the other day. I love that my nephews are old (18 and 20) and yours are little.

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