This Way Home

This Way Home
This Way Home

How can I explain how much this sign means to me? On 8/8 it meant everything. Do I sound like I am whining when I say I hadn’t been home since Memorial Day? I hope so. Let me whine. Going more than two months is to take away what little sanity I have. Sometimes I think I’m the only person on the planet who needs a place in order to breathe straight. This is my life support. For nearly six days I was in heaven. A different heaven than I am used to, but I’ll get to that later.

For one, I had Kisa with me. Nothing bugs me more than the comments that follow the question, “where’s your husband?” They usually sound something like What? He doesn’t like Monhegan anymore? Which loosely translates into: What? You got a divorce? Because that’s what would happen if he disowned my island. Love me, love my home. That’s just the way it is. Okay. So Kisa came home with me. In two days we crammed in time with the boys, a dinner party, time at the beach, a hike, and even a stolen rock (more on all that later).
After Kisa left, beer can flowers in hand, I spent the rest of my days eagle-eying the boys, verbally sparring with mom, drinking in island living, and planning my October return. All of it was like a huge game of chess – negotiating treats with a five year old, planting kisses on boo-boos only a two year old can have and see, agreeing not to agree with your elder, ignoring island gossip and propaganda, strategizing the autumn visit…The time flew faster than I could run. And speaking of running, I did none.
One morning I did try to take the dog out for a leisurely jog. I think the concept of moving faster than a stroll was foreign to him. Confused and dismayed, he tried to sit down – his nails digging deep into the dirt, his collar taut. He gave me a look of pure hatred and wouldn’t budge an inch. After 15 minutes of this dragging torture and pitiful pleading I gave up. I’m not disappointed in myself for not running. I think hauling two small children around, going up and down those island hills sometimes two or three times a day, I got in plenty of exercise. I came home five lbs lighter despite enjoying daily scones, nightly wine, an occasional ice cream and even a Humble pizza. This vacation was not for the sake of self. Maybe next time.
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4 thoughts on “This Way Home

  1. sarah

    i’m glad you had a great time, and as always glad you are back 🙂

  2. Thanks! Wait until you see the pictures.

  3. becelisa

    you have no idea how amazing a trip that sounds. can i go next time? i need to escape everything …

  4. absolutely! Believe it or not, in October J & I are staying at the Trailing Yew! LOL

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