Here For You

Dear You,

I know this weekend went haywire at the end. It started perfect and plunged out of control by Sunday. Some things happened that weren’t expected; definitely not wanted. I’m here to say it’s going to be okay. Some things were meant to happen, and maybe, just maybe, that was one of them. Sucks to be us, but we are going to learn from this.
You know what they say about comebacks? Bigger, better, smarter, stronger. That will be us. I am sure of it. I’m beginning to think this thing was meant to happen and it couldn’t have happened in a better way. No one got hurt. No property was destroyed. No one called the cops. Cool, calm, collected, and quiet. Most of all, best of all – quiet.
We learned some things along the way. Most importantly, I learned that the breast cancer pink brush cutters can come out. And so they will. Get out of my way because I got permission to wreak havok on some green growth. Look out because I’m on a vine-killing warpath.  Violence unhinged, things may look mighty different when you return.
Speaking of returning. I hope the blood pressure has returned back to normal. I hope the heart rate has slowed to calm instead of calamity. I hope that you see that while we didn’t expect this thing to happen, it was out of our control. It was meant to be. Sooner or later we would face this challenge. I am sure of it. Positive.

bottom line: I am here for you. Even if the pool isn’t.

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