88 Points

Call this premature gushing. I’m likening the whole experience to sex, but I could be glowing about a gigantic letdown. Not sure. Anyway, here goes.
I bought new running shoes last weekend. Went to a New Balance store and had those 88 points on my feet measured. ‘Greg’ was cool. Like a seduction he took the time with me. He talked to me, looking me in the eye. He handled my feet, looked at my arches, asked me questions, was attentive to my answers. Allowed me to sound stupid without smirking at me. I didn’t come right out and say I’m a psychological mess when it comes to running, but I think he knew.  He was smooth. Something told me he just knew. He didn’t ask if I am training for anything or even thinking of training for something. He knew better than that. Instead, he guided me through inserts and instabilities ignoring my insecurities. He didn’t try to sell me on any one shoe. He didn’t try to get me to buy the more expensive of either shoe. I felt like a virgin – being fitted for the first time like that.

So, for the first time ever I feel like I have a running shoe that not only is going to let me be me, but is NOT going to kill me, either. Or, at least I hope. I may be premature in my excitement, but I’ve never been handled like that. I’m expecting big things from such attentiveness, such customizing. All that fanfare could be considered foreplay. I’m just hoping it’s the real deal and when I get down to business I’m not disappointed by performance… If you know what I mean.

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One thought on “88 Points

  1. sarah

    LOVE this blog!

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