Moved the Hill

I did it. Call me crazy, but I am proud, proud, proud of myself! Not only did I tackle the streets of this new town, but I wasn’t slower than molasses in January! Why all this happiness? Why all this hubris? My new stomping grounds are fun. Someone moved the hill.
Back at the apartment we lived at the top of a hill. No matter where I ran I had to come home uphill. From some directions the incline was slight, but the view was boring. The scenic route was steeper than steep. Depending on my energy level I would chose my incline accordingly. Because no matter which way I wanted, home was on the top of a hill.
My new place is backwards. Someone moved the hill. I live at the bottom now. All roads out are up and coming home is, joy of all joys, all downhill. Awesome.
So. I started out yesterday scared of cars. How would I cross Montmumery, the bane of my running existence? It’s busy and people in cars are ruder than rude. I stressed about this point until I almost talked myself out of running outside. Ridiculous. To avoid crossing the street I ran to the right. Right on Silvin or something. Up, up, up to Memorially Yours. Down Grampy to Montmums on the wrong side. Pass the elderly garden fanatics, the biker buddies and the rich people. Downhill to home again, home again jiggity gig.
3.5 miles because I cheated. I didn’t run down Penny to make the perfect loop. 40 minutes because I stopped for traffic and lights three times.

To the man with the beat up, rusted out, ugly van and sour disposition:  You are an azzhole. How dare you swear at that nice woman who stopped for me! I was in a crosswalk (going uphill I might add) and she would have killed me if she hadn’t stopped. You wanted her to commit murder and swore at her when she didn’t.  Your leaning on the horn was a nice touch, too. Were you going too fast? Did you almost rear end her because she stopped for me? Look where you are going next time. Either that or learn the 3 second rule when following another vehicle. Oh, and look out for runners like me because now that I have moved the hill I can’t be stopped.

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