Call of the Crazies

The crazies. They want me to run with them. They have the same name and the same desire to run and for me to run with them. They are obsessed in very different ways, but the run is always there for both of them. One of them is driven, competitive, getting faster and faster, obsessed with time and performance. The other is a goofy runner – talks on her phone, films her footsteps, runs so that she can have another slice of chocolate cake. But, (and this is a big But) they both can run for miles and miles and miles. Me, I haven’t cracked three in months.

Yesterday I ran 2.89. So close to three. So, why didn’t I keep going? One tenth of a mile and I would have been there. Why did I stop? It irks me that I’ve been concentrating on speed and strength all this time. My first run was 2.5 miles in 30 minutes and since then I’ve been adding distance to the same amount of time. I can safely say in another run or two I will have regained my old pace, my old comfort zone. Every time I have run I have been careful to listen to every part of my body. From the hips on down I haven’t heard a single complaint. Feet aren’t pinched, ankles remain strong, knee is silent, hips are complacent. Everyone is enduring. It’s encouraging. In another week I hope to add another 10-15 minutes to the endurance. Can I maintain pace? I certainly hope so. That’s the goal anyway. I would like to run 3-4 times a week for a total of 15 miles a week.

In the meantime here are my challenges – I haven’t run outside yet. At all. Not one step in the concrete jungle. I barely like walking around here. How will I adjust to a run? So, mission #1 is to get outside. Mission #2 is a given – hills. In the entire time I have been running inside I haven’t played with incline at all. I’ve just been concentrating on speed, getting my lungs to be okay with intake.

The crazies will be here in eight days. I have heard their call. Both have said “run with me.” Who knows? Maybe by the time they get here I will not only answer their call, but rise to the challenge with confidence.

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One thought on “Call of the Crazies

  1. sarah

    u can do it!

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